Thursday, September 29, 2011

Days to die for........

.......I was walking in the sunny forest this morning, meeting with the trees. They were meeting me too, and I was loving it.

I was walking in the city Yesterday, in Galway, where it was both sunny and windy, and seagulls flew above me, riding the wind, shimmering in the high sunlight of the mid morning as I crossed the bridge, loving Galway. 

I went to see my herbalist Dr. Dilis Claire as I have done every two or three months for the last...oh ......almost two years. 
We had fun as she listed my symptoms that I arrived with, all that time ago. 
As she read out each one... "how is this/ how is that? and any pain there??? ".... or, " what about this"....on she went along; I shook my head saying, "No, thats not there" or, "Oh yeah, I forgot I had that, and gosh yes I had that too". I was pretty well clear of everything. A little tired still, but thats about it. 

Its been a long road, I was feeling ill for years and then terribly sad too from being grief stricken, Its been a steady and determined combination of EFT, herbalism, and meditation, and I find myself....... well healthy. 

Should I whisper that? 

No, yesterday I wanted to shout it from the bridge up to the seagulls, so they could carry it out to sea and maybe to the other side. 

Today I told the trees!
They stretched out their arms to me as I passed, gently patting me on the back as I followed the path through, under the great old oaks and the cathedral-like line of beeches, and those strong hardy hazel. 
I feel so supported and free. I have been given a gift and each day I feel really well, is precious. 

All those herbs I have taken, I want to write a prayer to each one of them. To kiss the hawthorn for improving my circulation, and the rose, and the marigold too, and..... so many amazing, intelligent plants that came into my body, worked with my tiny cells in the most miraculous ways. 

They lifted me up to see all I needed to see, gave me the energy to revive enough that I could tap with EFT, and sit through my deeper and longer meditations. 
I could face the darkness then, and the grief that frightened me so. 

I am well, a body alive. 

These Fall days are so beautiful now. This is my favorite season!!!!!!!!!The one thats all about letting go, and carrying the light with you through the darker days. It is the perfect reflection of my greatest learnings these last few years, and now as I bask in the colors of Autumn and in the falling down of everything into the NOW, I value the experience of it even more.
In my improved health I breathe so deeply.

Today is the Michaelmass festival at school and although I am a mere novice at understanding the depth of meanings that Rudolph Steiner taught about these festivals, I do listen and read a bit about it all, and use my own intuition to see what it means for us. Today, its the story of Archangel Michael and the dragon that stand out for me and little M.

I read, in a second hand book store yesterday, about this. (Charlie Byrnes wonder emporium of books, bookstore to be exact: ) That Michael is the angel that guides us in our individual freedom, in finding our own healing path, he protects our journey into love and peace, to find our way in overcoming fears /fighting dragons.

Today little M came home with a red felted pouch she made in school and inside was a dragons tear she said.
They had a harvest feast at school, and we this evening had our own feast. It felt important today to mark it together, I needed to celebrate. We happend also to be sharing our supper with some lovely lassies too, and I was glad to be cooking for friends again.

I asked M and her little friend to pick some flowers for our table.

It became a floral mission beyond my expectations I can tell you. Look at what they did.

Magnificence was a feast amongst Autumns final blooms and seeds of color, a last glimpse of summer.

Now I am almost finished Milla's package for the Bio regional swap. A wonderful idea, inspired and brought together by Mary Good, who writes Terralectualism. She has got a group of Blogging lovelies to send parcels to each other, of our bio regions. Sending a little of who we are, and where we are, and what we do. I have been given Milla to bestow my gifts upon, and cannot tell a word about what is going in there so as not to spoil the surprise, but I am deeply loving this idea, and so glad to be involved. I have always dreamed of a job where I make and find presents for people, I feel a little as if Mary has grated a wish: )
I have been doing a similar thing with a friend in Glasgow for the last few years, as an artist swap. Thats another post I shall get to.

The Studio was bliss today, sunlight pouring in and nothing the sounds of the chickens outside having dust baths under the trees, and the breeze on dry leaves. Yellow leaves are falling past the windows there and flying in across my floor when I open the door.

I have been learning some eurythmy as part of the research for my new project and today I felt I finally 'got' the essence of the movements that I have learned thus far........

 lalalalalalal I could go on all night it seems but I shall stop here with a Thank you dear reader

Be well this night

....Let the waves break
Let the stars rise
Lets the flames leap......


xx E


  1. beautiful...your words soothe my heart and fill me with wonder and healthy peace. as happy and energetic as i am, it is rare to find a quiet peace. the art studio with the chickens bathing outside in the dust, the yellow leaves, the hawthorne and blossoms and your little girl, it all makes me feel soft inside and suddenly wrapped in an autumn wooly blanket under the stars. thank you. now i hope that soon my autumn-time weather catches up to yours!

  2. i swear my breathing became deeper as I read this. I agree with the premise of EFT, and would like to learn more...I think it is especially relevant to us people living in this crazy stressed out preservative laden, electronic century. I'm so glad you are feeling well. I have to let go of minor worries...just relaxing my shoulders helps, and this sweet happy post reminded me to.

  3. Beautiful - so much peace and warmth Lizzi, I wish I could find a fraction of that in myself these days...So good to hear that you are finally feeling healthy and well! The autumn season is the time of year when nature goes to sleep and so should we; time for warmth, thought and reflection. Stories in the evening, a fire, some knitting and kids rolling on the sheep skins... sigh* looking forward to it! Thank you xxx

  4. thank you for this.! i will surely have to check out eft because i have some emotional stress that i think is affecting my health. looked it up and there is a group in my area! thank you for your beautiful words and i'm glad you are feeling well.

  5. Its so wonderful to get these beautiful comments. Its amazing how I find myself sharing here, I began intending this blog to be all about art, ad I suppose the art is in everything and about everything, an art full life. Thanks Lassies for taking the time to stop by and write and share your thoughts. xxxx E

  6. I hope you keep feeling better. I love to read your reflections on the trees, flowers, the season, life in general. It's a lift to the spirit.

  7. beautiful..
    best wishes for a cozy Fall:)
    and nice to meet you:)

  8. What a deep relief to be feeling healthful again Liz and you're right, it is a gift to be grateful for, everyday. You are some woman to have put all that into it. Our lust for life is great, thankfully : ) I love how the girls decorated with flowers, just beautiful all of it xx