Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh my ...... its wild today!!!

I may start all new posts now with Oh My.

I am quite sure I have picked it up from 'Ma ' in the laura Ingalls Wilder books which we have been immersed in all winter long. I can feel a yearning too for long calico dresses. Though in this winter weather its flannel and wool for sure. That may not be ' Ma's influence though, more likely all those beautiful dress clad lassies I have met here blogging. Whom you will find all neatly listed to the right!

I went out to meet the wind. I walked to the lake to see its tempest. 

I returned tousled and tangled but invigorated and ready to draw..........

I almost didn't get up to meet this day, I thought of saying to little M, Lets have a wind day! We have had no snow days this year, perhaps we need a wind day, where we just stay cozy by the fire and read.

The wind howling about the house, shrieking around corners, swaying the lovely trees, I cant help but wish for sunshine now. I have appreciated the monotones.... but its time.

It whistles now through the keyholes and doors being all squally and wild.

I was tempted away from my drawings today, though they are bright for sure. I have just been writing to too Grand Aunts, long overdue. One in Australia, and my namesake, and one here in Ireland, who calls me sunshine: )
Both strong beautiful ladies, that bore the limitations of their generations with rebellious natures but also with both grace and fortitude that saw them through it.
They have shared some of their wilder days with me, in snippets of stories and tales quietly mentioned, in what must have once caused blushing cheeks. Like riding on the handlebars of a boyfriends bicycle through the streets of Paris, when ladies did no such thing. And, skinny dipping in the rain in wild little beaches to the west. I can't say another thing, or I will be in trouble for sure; )

Such satisfaction in a hand written letter, stamp and envelope, all together a tiny parcel of moments shared and given. Ach I love it, I think I shall have to make a letter day.

................. and now............... Back to work !!!!

 No Monotones here!!!

I can never last without color for long!

Thanks dear reader

xx E


  1. oh my is the perfect way to begin. always in wonder, at the tempest, and the wild color, at the wily great aunts. love those rowdy stories! have a gorgeous day sweet one.

  2. I am truly in awe of your beautiful painting! We get very windy days here too.....

  3. i love the idea of a 'wind day!'

    your pictures are marvellous and your aunties' stories are so fun and colorful, too ~ wonderful :)

    1. We have yet to take our wind day, tough with temperature dropping we could get a snow day yet. Thanks for being here x

  4. Beautiful post. I love the close-ups on the colors and the second photo of the swirls of hair.

    1. Thank you me dear. Its wonderful to get feedback, its god for me x

  5. Beautiful words and colours! I love to visit you!
    See you soon :=)

    1. THANKS Cristina, I will come over now and see what you have been up to x

  6. Yay, congrats to you on your new home! It sounds absolutely enchanting, like the sort of place that will be a cozy home and a space for creativity to flourish. Can't wait to see what magical paintings will be inspired here :)

    We had some really windy days here awhile back. I'm generally not a big fan of wind, but it can be kind of exciting when it gets really gusty, especially if you're enjoying it from inside a cozy home.