Monday, February 6, 2012

Things are shakin up around here : )

Watch this space.

If you have been following me a while, you will have realized by now I have a case of BTCS ( Blogger Template Changer Syndrome: )   ? .......This is really just me thinking ahead of when I have my work on here to sell, and have tried all these different templates to see how they feel and if they work for me.

One fine day I will have my own website too, but for now this is fantastic!

Well its been a year and a bit since I got on here and its all about to happen soon. I have to do the work now and set up the shop and then link it here. Exhibition opens tomorrow with six of my drawings and once that is done I will concentrate on the next step.

busy days its seems, I am out a lot and not getting much new work made. But back soon.

Thanks dear reader for dropping by

xx E

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In search of Riches Here and There

What a squelchy muddy winter, and rain and rain and rain again.

Till yesterday when Spring began here in Ireland, with the celebration of Brigid's day. It was as bright as a summer morn. The sun rose so clear over the mountains, radiant like it was new born. The soft pink sky greeted me and M as we made our way to school. She wondered if the clouds had been reminded that Spring had come. For the longest time the clouds have hugged our hills.

St. Brigid is said to pass over the country on the eve of her celebration day blessing the earth by spreading a beautiful blue cloak over the land. There are all sorts of wonderful traditions about it. Blue is a strong color it seems ..........One should tie a piece of blue fabric to your back door and it will be blessed. Then with any aches and pains during the year you rub it over for an instant earth mamma miracle: )
Little M made butter in school for an offering table dressed in white cloths and crosses made of rushes. I was taken aback at just how beautiful it was, in its greens and whites and candles lit.
Simple and soulfull!

I have been in search of color and light too here at home. Being one for detail in my work these days. I have been planning some new paintings and need lots of new texture and pattern ideas, and decided to look no further then here and there.

Here .......Home

And there

Oh I love these contrasts, AM VERY EXCITED!!!!!

I will also have some work in an exhibition next week, once I have a link I will post it here. 

Thank you dear reader

xx : )