Monday, February 6, 2012

Things are shakin up around here : )

Watch this space.

If you have been following me a while, you will have realized by now I have a case of BTCS ( Blogger Template Changer Syndrome: )   ? .......This is really just me thinking ahead of when I have my work on here to sell, and have tried all these different templates to see how they feel and if they work for me.

One fine day I will have my own website too, but for now this is fantastic!

Well its been a year and a bit since I got on here and its all about to happen soon. I have to do the work now and set up the shop and then link it here. Exhibition opens tomorrow with six of my drawings and once that is done I will concentrate on the next step.

busy days its seems, I am out a lot and not getting much new work made. But back soon.

Thanks dear reader for dropping by

xx E


  1. Hello, and that is fabulous news...i want to change my own template - the big graphic black and white border isn't suiting me anymore...

  2. my cousin changes hers every time she posts! so you seem far less drastic, in comparison. :)

    GOOD LUCK with all the changes and taking your work and exposure in the world up a notch. i am so excited for you, with the new home and now your art. sending many blessings for serendipity your way. love to you!

  3. Best of luck. It's great that you're exhibiting your work.

  4. Good luck, Elisheva!!! I wish I could come to visit you on the opening day, It is always nice to receive friends that day!
    We espect a nice report with photos when you come back to the blog :=))))

  5. Haha! I'm quite the opposite. I haven't changed my template once since starting my blog four years ago. It's kind of a thing now I think, hehe.

    Sounds like big things and much excitement lie ahead in your realm! Best of luck with it all!

  6. Warm wishes your way for your exhibition!