Monday, March 28, 2011

My new Studio and....Glasgow International

A family of angels have just given me a studio for a few months in the heart of the woods where Madeleine goes to school. Its a lovely bright room, with space for endless possibilities. Its a place for me to expand my work indeed.

Oh and thats why I have been so busy these last few weeks, seeking studios and light. I have seen and met some wonderful people along the way. To my happy surprise I found there are studios, gallery and framing workshop being developed near Killaloe. Its in a gorgeous spot, cusped by the hills and a stream that runs beneath it. Iseult O' flynn is running it, herself an artist, along with her daughter Chloe Croydon who is a framer. A perfect combination I would say.
I went out to meet them last week and was irreversibly enchanted by the place. I hope to work and have a studio there by the end of Summer. For now its to the woods. I have the seeds of some ideas now that have me completely mesmerized with delight at the possibilities. Now a place to watch them grow through Spring and into summer.

Another crew of angels from the good city of glasgow, have entirely inspired me to follow my heart, and not to look back for a moment. They reminded me of my will, and what you can do with trust and creative drive. It was a good trip to say the least.

Glasgow was...........

Goodbye Madeleine, boarding Plane, tears, smiles, Bus, breathing with man on bus with black eye, kissing couple in the station, Friends, greetings, Hugs, Tears, heart stirs, humor, the Magic begins, Little home like a boat with two harmoniums, Warmth, Reunion, Gift giving, Risotto, Candle light, Sharing stories, laughter, sore throat from talking too much, Umbrellas, Car, Home, Leonora's light house, Striped rugs, more Light, records, Piano, Silence of the city kind, Sleep, Searching for record players, Good Sencha, Warm talk, Sven's studio, Magic , performance, North, south, east, west, journeying to outlands then inlands in little suitcases, tears, connections, Friendship, Louise' s studio, clay, learning, color, play, tea, sisterhood, photographs, chocolate, snow, city walking, brainstorming, wonderment, homewards, flea markets, fairisle, socks, coats, ribbons, thread, buttons, golden glasses, accents, smells, teas, shock, more laughter, encouragement, dressing up, dressing out, laughter, play, museum, giraffe, sweeties, and planes, butterflies, Art nouveau, out, mono, suitcases, money falls from the sky, dresses, departures, rests, openings, subway, loudness, silent speech, closings, galleries, peroni, dinner, candelight, imaginations, stories, creativity, friendship, impending departure, early hours, fullness, love, presence, resolve, morning, leaving, dads, goodbyes, tears, joys, impermanence, naps on planes, cars waiting in the airport, home, tesco : ) Hello Madeleine, presents.

I will write a little more about the studio soon and how things are going there. I am moving things down there today, and also waiting for a visit from my Lovely friend Kerstin tomorrow. Off to the airport first thing in the morning to pick her up, perhaps a little visit to IKEA along the way for a sewing table and a good scissors. Oh but can one visit IKEA, and it be little?

Thank you dear reader xx E


  1. Well, now, the little girl at the edge of the forest has now ventured in to explore its mysteries and make art.

    How brave and full of divine promise!

  2. Yes indeed, Its so wonderful to be finding my way x