Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Play here and there.

There has been lots of great playing here, including a day when my niece Freya and my fairy god-daughter Amelia( seen below) came for a day of crafting. We made felt slippers in what was an epic effort for one day.
Madeleine has had a wonderful phase of drawing, she has spent hours using every bit of paper in my home drawing stories and telling them as she draws. Downstairs has become her studio of sorts as she spreads herself out through her illustrations, moving and humming and whispering her way through her imagination.
And now its my turn to go and play, I am away to Glasgow for three days. I am so excited down to my toes. Just all the little things to organize now and little gifts to bring.

Madeleine will have her own adventure with my sisters and her cousins, I have packed her turtle bag and a basket of her favorite foods covered in my scarf. Oh what sentimentalists we are, both of us: ) Now I must pack mine. When did I have to pack for a solo trip last? I cant remember. Its a pull on the heart strings I can tell you, to go without her but one I know is good for us. I have a very good feeling though that this jaunt to Scotland will bring plenty of love back home for me to share.

xx Goodbye dear reader

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  1. You've built such a beautiful blog Liz, serene and powerful. The photos are a joy! Hope we get a peek at some more of your drawings & paintings soon x Mia